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Algeo Consulting


I have extensive formal training in several disciplines but I have always been drawn to the application of computers to expanding the possibilities of the businesses and projects that I have been involved with.

The businesses have included several manufacturers of spectroscopic and chromatographic instrumentation, an agricultural research and consulting firm, and an academic laboratory.

My projects have included:
  • Designed and lead the development of application software for multi-input, CCD-equipped spectrometer systems used for emission and Raman spectroscopy.  This software was hardware independent and used plug-in modules for computation and I/O.  Its adaptability was demonstrated when it was easily extended to support a dual-spectrometer fluorescence instrument that had not been conceived when the software was designed.
  • Developed instrument interfaces for the Thermo My Instrumenttm specificationThese interfaces included extensions developed by me for operating process control hardware. 
  • Designed and led the development of the application software an FT/ICP product.  The code for the software was approximately 1/8 as large as the code for another ICP product that had similar features.
  • Extended a commercial chromatography application to use a 128 channel array detector as an option to the standard single channel detector.  The capabilities enabled by the multichannel detector were incorporated with minimal changes to the user interface.
  • Developed hardware interface layers for two systems that perform DNA mutation detection by chromatography.  I also modified the databases used by these applications to accomodate multichannel detectors.
  • Developed embedded software for automatic tuning of the radiofrequency matching networks of ICP torchboxes.
  • Modified embedded software to implement a high speed microstepping grating drive.
  • Implemented software for imaging optical emission from flames and plasmas, including instrument control and data acquisition, improved algorithms for evaluating the inverted abel integral, and algorithms for plotting contour maps.
  • Built a high speed infrared imaging spectrometer.  I constructed the collection optics, interface electronics, and software.  The instrument was used to measure the spatial distribution of emitting species in pyrotechnic flares.
  • Developed programs to perform statistical analysis of data.
  • Invented and tested improvements to the modified simplex algorithm for real-time optimization of the operating parameters of computer-controlled instrumentation.
  • Developed a linear programming application for least-cost feed formulation.  The application included modeling features not available in other software packages.
  • Created an application to automate the reporting and billing of results from a commercial laboratory.
  • Wrote general ledger accounting software.
  • Developed a language similar to FORTH that was useful for programming a minicomputer having limited disk and RAM resources.